Dana White voices against open scoring by saying it would make the fight seem horrible

UFC President Dana White facilitated a fan Q&A on Wednesday that proved to enlighten with respect to what the promotion’s short term resembles, including some critical matchup announcements and additional plans.

One issue that keeps on plaguing mixed martial arts (MMA) and to be sure, all close and hand combat sports is that the way it is judged. A proposed arrangement that has picked up traction and popularity with the people is open scoring. This method of judging permits contenders, corners, and audiences to know the scorecards following the end of a round. Accordingly, some accept that battles down on the cards would be more disposed to push in the last round.
At the very least, transparency is something that could be seen around the octagon.

White indeed has some issues with this concept, one being the loss of suspense among the audience since they would know who the winner would be prior to the announcement.

In a recent interview, White said during the end of a fight the judges say their scores directly to Bruce Buffer and no one other than these people would know the winner is and this brings a lot of anticipation as audiences start to speculate amongst them regarding the result. With open scoring, he completely agrees that it takes away the atmosphere of a fight night and its thrill.

In addition, Dana White believes that open scoring would favor stalling rather than hard-fought comebacks.

White also said if a fighter knows he’s leading in score after two rounds it is legal for him to stay away from any contact at the last round. White feels this will spoil the spirit of the fight and the opponent. Such incidents have also been recorded in boxing where a fighter would only try to move away from the fight if he knows that he has secured the needed points and this is the exact scenario that White wants to avoid in UFC.

Dana White said it’s never going to be a perfect contest as there will be fights that absolutely drive a fighter insane, blow your bets, there will always be all these other things that go with the business of fight. White concluded by saying at the end of the day, watching the fight and waiting for the results are fun.