T20 Mumbai League 2019, Match 5: Triumphs Knights MNE vs Sobo Supersonics

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Parag Khanapurkar scored 96 for 49 balls for Sobo Supersonics in the first game. The defending champions Triumph Knights MNE got started in season two of Mumbai T20 with a loss against the new entrants Akash Tigers MWS in the opening game of the tournament. Their skipper Suryakumar Yadav’s unbeaten 90 was the only take away from that game which didn’t go in their way.

They will now take on the SoBo Supersonics in the second game as they search for their first win of this season.

The SoBo Supersonics made a perfect start to the campaign by defeating the Andheri Arcs by a huge 48-run margin on the opening day. Parag Khanapurkar struck a 49-ball 96 by smashing ten fours and five sixes. He was run out in the final over trying to get back on strike to finish his hundred. The experience of Rohan Raje helped Supersonics as Raje took 2/8 in his three overs. The first two days of the tournament gave a brief idea about how the tournament will progress.

The batsmen enjoyed during the day in dry conditions. A target of 148 was easily chased on day one while a total of 374 runs were aggregated on the second day.

Suryakumar Yadav is a direct choice as captain or vice-captain given his recent form and success in T20 Mumbai. The opposition captain Jay Bista is another name that could do justice to multipliers. Bista also gets a couple of overs with the ball.