Representing India in the Olympics is the epitome of my career: Leander Paes

The Indian Tennis Olympian Leander Paes opens up in a chat, about the player’s calendared date with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic. The Indian racketeer had towed medals for the country, won cups in the singles and doubles in the tournament. However, the Tennis Olympian Leander Paes said the bronze medal from the 1996 Summer Games holds an important and special memory for the racketeer. Nonetheless, four Grand Slam Mixed Doubles, four Doubles and until June 1999 Paes’s in doubles was ranked as No:1.

The tennis player’s major wins date back before the millennium, where Paes won against important rankers around the world. Notably, the Indian tennis player had played a debut role in the movie Rajdhani Express in 2013. When Leander Paes’s exit topic came the Indian tennis racketeer replied that a lot of other opportunities have flown in asking for the player’s time like coaching young talents, commentator, sharing the experience and motivating others were the previous focuses. This June the Indian Olympic racketeer turns 47, so a question about the player’s sports retirement would close at the age of 50. Leander Paes laughed saying that the tennis player did not imagine holding the racket beyond 40 years.

Another question about a particular place the player had collected the most memorable moments and the Indian Olympian said that just cannot be one place which holds a win but it is more about the response Paes received. There was an occasion at the Melbourne game the racketeer highlighted, that a bunch of kids who came to cheer the player said the kids had bunked class to cheer for Paes in the game. The Indian racketeer said that histories change but to inspire others especially young minds is important.

Finally, the Indian racketeer Leander Paes’s thought about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and the racketeer reply was ‘why not’. The Summer Game was months away the player said that it would be great to close the last playing year with the Tokyo Games 2020. Paes feels that the Olympic could be the reason the players had journeyed so far, another push would be a milestone. The doubles-hero when asked about the preferred partner, the Indian tennis player said Bob Bryan but not once they had paired for a game. Though their relationship works fine on the offside of courts.