Djokovic’s father claims Federer and Nadal do not support youngsters

Novak Djokovic may not have begun his 2021 superior. At the Australian Open in February, he won his 9th title which took his total count to 18 Grand Slams, placing two shy from his rivals’ records. During this month the Serbian tennis player also broke the all-time record for the most weeks at the top of the ATP rankings by a player.

The Serbian, who nearly marvelously overseen to urge back on his feet, is anticipated to return to the field in the following weeks at Miami. Djokovic has not especially shone in Florida in later versions, but this year will be encouraged by the incalculable number of players forfeited in the tournament.

It is to be noted that Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem will not be participating in the tournament.

In the meantime, Srdjan Djokovic, Novak’s father, gave a long meet to ‘Sputnik News’, in which he lauded his son’s commitment to second-tier players.

While talking to Sputnik News, the 60-year-old expressed it doesn’t bother Novak Djokovic at all. He added Djokovic has the unyielding quality of a Serbian and it appears to Srdjan that the more his son strengthens his mistakes the superior and way better he plays.

Srdjan took a dig at Djokovic’s arch-rivals, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and said his son aspires to show that tennis isn’t just a game, but that it is life. That life is for those few thousand incredible youthful players he is battling for.

He went on to say that they don’t back Novak in things that are great for the underprivileged players. The senior Djokovic added it’s much harder since youngsters don’t have the support of Federer and Nadal. He claimed that the Federer and Nadal don’t support Djokovic for something that’s by and large great for those individuals who rarely make ends meet and that puzzles the senior Djokovic.

At first, in light of the global pandemic ATP froze the rankings. But that decision was later extended to 2021 too, which irked many of the players. By chance, Roger has been the one who has benefited far more than others from this move. His comeback at ATP Doha may not match his usual mark, but Federer would believe he has accomplished his objective in the tournament.