Players test negative for COVID-19 as NBA releases testing results

The NBA released its most recent test results of the players that underwent mandatory testing for COVID-19 on Wednesday, and the numbers are still perfect. The NBA season resumed at Walt Disney World from July 31. Previously NBA announced the results on July 29, before the start of the games, since then there have been no positive cases. The administrative officials can have a sigh of relief for now as the NBA’s bubble adoption seems to work tremendously.

These test results imply that no player has tested positive since entering the alleged bubble a month ago. Initially, there were reports of two players testing positive for the disease upon landing in Disney. But neither of them transmitted the virus to other players that were present inside the bubble since both were kept in isolation until they tested negative.

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers applauded the incredible and admirable work of the NBA. He went on to say that they are being made to wear masks constantly and administered to test each day. He felt happy that the NBA is taking all the necessary steps seriously to keep the players and staff during these times. Rivers added this entire spreading of the virus can be minimized by discretion and self-restraint. He believes it is not only the league but also the players and staff have followed the protocol sincerely and they got to simply continue attempting to do the same.

Everybody inside the bubble must complete a survey using their cell phone every morning, in addition to gauging their temperature and level of oxygen in their circulatory system. Social distancing protocols and face mask utilization are set up since the beginning of the rebooted season. These protocols have been placed on higher priority this week as the games and practices have begum. The NBA league has hardened a few norms and is expecting all teams to hold gatherings with players so they can be reminded to be cautious.

San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said that there is positively no uncertainty that the league under the authority of (Commissioner) Adam Silver has made a sublime display of being visionaries in the feeling of taking a comprehensive view of the problem in hand and attempting to come up with solutions. He also gave players credit for abiding the rules and showing self-discipline.