NBA championship in 2021 is the Brooklyn Nets to lose

A Brooklyn Nets season without an NBA championship would be an embarrassment. Despite receiving interest from the Knicks, Kevin Durant opted for the Nets, considering that they were already a contender. The decision was a smart one. They had made two straight playoff appearances with their young core. Kyrie Irving, a seven-time All-Star, joined Durant’s team. In addition to trading around a young core in pursuit of James Harden, he recruited 6-time All-Star Blake Griffin.
Brad Stevens, the coach of their first-round playoff opponent, says that they built “arguably the best team I’ve had since I’ve been in the NBA.” In the six Finals games the Boston Celtics have played since 2013, there have been six teams led by LeBron James and Kevin Durant’s Golden State Warriors, one of the greatest teams in league history.

There are far too many Nets on the court. In their two games against the Celtics, this is painfully obvious. Game 1 was a breeze for Brooklyn. Nets star Joe Harris led the team to a blowout win in Game 2. In the event that they do not sweep, it will be a shock.

Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo and Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid will meet in the Eastern Conference semifinals and finals. In addition, neither team has a second-best player as good as Harden, or even a third option as solid as Irving.

In the last five years, Durant and Harden have both been MVPs. Irving and Durant are two of four players in NBA history to average 25 points on 50/40/90 shooting and their team has the most depth in NBA.

With their greatest offense ever, the Nets were led by their three best players for 8 games together. They have played well against the Celtics since they have time to prepare for the playoffs.

It would be an embarrassment for the Nets if they fail to win this year’s championship and BetMGM rates the Nets at +200 to win it. Additionally, it has to do with how the three Nets superstars have acted themselves. In brief, Durant has declared he is a contender for LeBron James’ title on multiple occasions. Many