Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning prevail in star-studded match, raised $20m for charity

A few field-best golfers like Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson, and Tom Brady came together to play and raise a cash amount of 20 million dollars for the coronavirus efforts. The point is Tiger Wood, the golf game expert, was out in the woods with his surgically repaired back, which may not have recovered completely. But Woods said that this will not stop him from preparing or attending the PGA Tour, which is to begin at the month of June 2020. The 44 years old Woods said the pandemic lockdown had given Woods some time to become fit for the games, because, Tiger Woods, while playing for the charity raise, with 3 other players said before the game that it is going to be an interesting event.

Woods also added that he has been expecting either in April, or May, or June the games would recover, but the viral flu had been on the chart forever, said the golfer. On 24th May 2020, Sunday, the four golfers who played with the television sponsors raised 20 million dollars for the COVID-19 relief fund. Yet, Tiger Woods, who had paired with Peyton Manning, showed no ease, as Woods held a back-nine rally from Phil Mickelson, and Tom Brady to win the 18 holes match play format. The fundraiser event had been named “The Match: Champions for Charity,” rekindled the game memories of Woods and Mickelson, who had played against each other for another charity event. As the sports calendar is havoc, golf has not been any different, so the charity event gave a reason to resume golf soon.

The Charles Schwab Challenge scheduled to begin in Texas will commence between June 8th – 14th, 2020, as a part of the PGA tour plan. Woods is returning to this competition after Genesis Invitational in February 2020, where he finished as 76-77 in Southern California. Tiger Woods said that the lockdown has made him feel refreshed, and his health has revived surprisingly. Apart from spending with the family, the golfer said he had spent more time than ever in playing Tennis. Tiger Woods on Sunday had been aiming the strike to get it right, as he knew the poles, Brady who had been struggling in the course had a “penny motivation” from Koepka, and the player earned a birdie and penny.