Patrick Reed scripts a play that has never been witnessed in golf

The focus, for obvious reasons, from this weekend’s Farmers Insurance Open has been on what Patrick Reed did following his second shot on the 10th hole during Saturday’s third round. Reed took a drop as he claimed his ball to be placed in the rough that the PGA Tour considered was appropriate yet has been raised doubt about by individual players, reporters and fans from that point forward. In any case, what he displayed after that and throughout the week from comparative circumstances around the greens at Torrey Pines’ South Course—end up being the way into his most recent PGA Tour victory.

Subsequent to taking the free relief Reed reached par from 48 yards to keep up his lead. Apparently, that move by Patrick Reed turned out to be something that has never quite been seen.

Reed has for some time been known as one of the PGA Tours top scramblers, yet this time over this week he implied additional effort towards that skill of his. To his advantage, it did pay off in his favour as he clinched his 9th PGA Tour title.

Amongst the 79 players who made the cut in the greens, Reed ranked tied for 63rd just hitting 61 percent. When for the 71% of the time you save par, Reed had the option to complete at 14 under, five away from the second spot.

If that sounds like an unusual winning combination, well, that’s because it is. As per fifteenth Club’s Justin Ray, Reed became the first-ever player to win a PGA Tour by at least three shots while ranking outside the Top 60 in GIR. Also, short of what one percent of PGA Tour victors have ever ranked that low in the class.
Ranking 65th in strokes gained/around this season Reed has never finished outside the top 30 during a season. At the point when you’re No. 2 you can compensate for your short game not being similarly sharp not surprisingly—in any event, when you’re feeling the loss of several greens.

Reed scripted a record that has never been witnessed before on the PGA Tour. The record still seems far-fetched yet Reed made it. What’s more, he’ll surely have much more buzz about his odds of winning again in June when he returns to Torrey Pines for the U.S. Open.