FIH celebrates International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

International Hockey Federation in Switzerland celebrated International Day of Sports for Development and Peace 2020 for the past few days until Monday, April 6th, in their place. The program’s base was to motivate the people with peace, and development through the process of projects and ideas, the team felt never more than ever had they felt right to bring this message of unity, peace, development than now.
The FIH shared the schedule of five days of work done by the team, around the continent, and their contribution to other hockey associations in the world. In the pandemic crisis, Royal Belgium Hockey Association and Ghana Hockey Association delivered hockey kits to the underprivileged communities in Africa. In the days of schedule Ghana’s youngsters received 400 hockey sticks, 25 hockey coaches gained training, and 170 hockey students had taught with techniques.

Then to train the coaches, and provide the opportunity to the qualified coaches to conduct, individual sessions for the hockey practicing students. Another part of the celebration was to reach hockey in various people’s hearts across the globe, like developed hockey communities such as the USA, Canada, and Argentina in the table, others like Mexico, Trinidad, Tobago, etc. are progressing in their hockey journey. FIH Academy took the past five days from 1st April 2020 to spread the message of sports, and the director of FIH Academy Mike Joyce shared a video message speaking about the current implementation of programmes designed for the hockey players.

The director’s video said that, as a part of the hockey sports community supported by the United Nation, Joyce felt glad to celebrate the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace. Further, the director of FIH added that sports have the power to influence a change in the world. The development of the sports on helping people are done by partnering with other hockey associations in nations and hockey federations in continents.

The development programmes apart from teaching hockey, the programme will focus on various other subjects important to life, like teaching gender quality, social inclusion, participation, and infrastructure or hockey for development, youth and education. Oceania continental federation had travelled, to spread the message along with a few international organizations, the message is to emphasise that the sports will help learn the power of vital life-skills required for the individuals, like self-confidence, and leadership.