Want to learn how to bowl the flipper: U-19 World Cup star Ravi Bishnoi

Ravi Bishnoi the U-19 Indian bowler had everyone wondered through the 2020 World Cup journey in 2020, now Bishnoi shares about the bucket list to check off in the future by first meeting Bishnoi’s childhood idol Anil Kumble.

Being auctioned for the IPL team Kings XI Punjab Ravi Bishnoi is now under the roofs of Kumble’s coaching, knowing this the young Indian bowler is ready to bowl the coach with questions. Ravi Bishnoi further shared about bowler’s dream to play beside the men’s Team Blue in the field and the experience from U19 World Cup 2020.

The U19 Indian bowler Bishnoi has turned out the most wickets for the junior Indian team, Bishnoi said that the bowler’s focus would lay between the stumps. True to the bowler’s statement, Potchefstroom cricket ground in South Africa, had seen Bishnoi basket seventeen wickets from 6 matches.

Ravi Bishnoi against the U19 Japan team had 4 batsmen, while bowling against the New Zealand U19 team Bishnoi took 4 wickets, and in the World Cup 2020 finals against Bangladesh, the bowler had 4 players-off. Bishnoi said the World Cup journey will be bowler’s unforgettable memory and had a lot gathered as Bishnoi had met and interacted with the international players.

The U19 Indian bowler Ravi Bishnoi highlighted some of the important winning moments in the U19 World Cup especially while playing against tough U19 teams like Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, and Bangladesh. The U19 Indian bowler won the Player of the match twice and Bishnoi closed the topic with the team feeling disappointed in the dressing room after the World Cup 2020 finals.

Bishnoi initially practiced as medium-pacer, but eventually fell into spinning the balls because the bowler could view the pathway the ball bounced against the batsmen. Yet the U19 bowler favours medium-paced bowling sometimes, Bishnoi’s permanently cherished idols are Anil Kumble and Shane Warne because the Australian bowler Warne would bowl one googly per over.

But the Indian bowler Anil Kumble will aim between the stumps with speed, so the batsman is left with no option other than to bat, and eventually, over a mistake the ball will fail. Bishnoi’s first request on meeting the legend would be to teach how to bowl flipper, as the pro has perfect experience in spinning the ball with speed.