Kapil Dev says he does not believe in plan B and that it makes one weak

Former Indian cricket captain said in a recent interview that a player cannot have a plan B in the sport, and it makes a person weak. He had said in an event in Mumbai a few months ago that if an individual is drowning, he cannot be having a plan B other than the one plan to survive. Kapil Dev enlightened that during the World Cup this was the exact mindset he had and conveyed the same to his teammates about there is not a plan B but only one plan and that is to win the tournament which indeed India did at the end.

Kapil Dev recalled a moment during the early stage of his cricket career about a senior player advising him to keep his eyes and ears open even when sleeping. But since Kapil came from a background where he cannot understand English properly, he thought the advice to be stupid. He felt about the possibility of how a person could keep his eyes and ears when sleeping. Later, that senior player said not to go by the advice literally and made him understand the meaning of it. It is after this Kapil Dev realized that some sentences said in English can have a different meaning. Kapil stated, that particular advice changed his perspective and urged his curiosity to learn every day and he has been acting upon that ever since.