British boxer Anthony Yarde’s father dies of coronavirus

The coronavirus can breach the health system, even sicken the people who have above-average health. From a source, the parasite would choose a body to incubate and will either resist or work over the world’s most complicated network in two weeks, but if the parasite fails, within the time limit it would seek another system with a below-average immunity and would wreck the person’s health by beginning with the failing of organs in the human body.

The parasite, coronavirus, or COVID-19 can prevent oneself if the person isolates from the crowd, or by being treated. Currently, nationally, and internationally people are under lockdown by the orders passed by their governance, and as per doctor’s suggestions to wash hands by sanitizing oneself can stay away from transmitting the disease to self or others. Anthony Yarde, the 28 years old English boxer, fights under the light-heavyweight boxing group, with a knock-out victory against Yarde’s opponent, the boxer followed boxing as a profession since 2015.

Anthony Yarde has faced 20 other boxers in the arena, won 19 battles against the opponents, and 18 wins were knock-out for Yarde in the box. Yarde was to fight against Lyndon Arthur at the Commonwealth light-heavy title on April 11th, 2020, due to the pandemic the dates got rescheduled. The boxer recently lost his father in a fight against COVID-19, and the boxer shared his grief with social media fans around the world with an important message held.

Yarde is born in Hackney, London, on 29th March 2020, the boxer wrote on his Instagram page that Anthony Yarde’s father who was fit without any health issues the boxer’s parent was affected with the viral flu. Though with the necessary medical steps followed, Yarde’s father expired the day before because of COVID-19. The boxer mentioned it was hard for him to share as Yarde is a private person, yet he chose to share because the threat is real. The more the people decide to stay outdoors, the more will be the number of days for people to stay indoors, and it was not a worthy risk said, Anthony Yarde. Frank Warren, Yarde’s publicist, expressed condolences on behalf of Queensberry Promotions to the family. England has surpassed 15,000 COVID-19 cases, the records of the United Kingdom has 1500 and exceeding new admittance, and above 1000 had lost to the viral flu.