Mate in 3 study to Anand by Kramnik

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At Pune, on 15th of February Vishy Anand inaugurated a chess training centre at PYC Gymkhana. When a guest of honour cuts the ribbon and initiates a space, completed his work after clicking a few pictures. However, being a true chess lover, Anand went through his phone and found an exciting mate in three problems to pose to the young kids out there.Soon enough, a crowd gathered around the chess board which had three grandmasters, over seven International Masters and India no.3 Vidit Gujrathi who were racking their brains to solve the position. Finally, IM Prathamesh Mokal managed to crack the solution with the correct sequence. There was a problem sent to Anand by none other than Vladimir Kramnik, and we now pose it before you to solve!

Suddenly Vishy Anand started to scroll through his phone. It was quite surprising because Anand usually does not get distracted by his phone when he makes public appearances. Soon we realised that he was not looking at his messages or tweets, but in fact, trying to search a challenging position for the youngsters to solve!
Moreover, now we would like you to think about this position. It’s White to play and Mate in 3. What do you think is the answer?

Composing this study in the year 1904, we do not know who is the composer of the problem. What we know is that this mate in three was sent to Vishy Anand by none other than his predecessor Vladimir Kramnik! Also, you must remember, Kramnik’s problems are never easy!