Over plans to play matches in US La Liga players consider strike

The Spanish Footballers’ Association president, David Aganzo, says the group ought to have consulted with the players before having made the decision to play in the United States.

“This understanding La Liga has come to without counseling anybody demonstrates an absence of regard,” Aganzo said. “It’s not simply the amusement in that capacity, regarding wellbeing and travel, it just looks bad to have a diversion played in the United States and have one group need to surrender a home amusement. It can’t be that a man takes a choice of a 15-year agreement which influences numerous individuals and without counseling. We are tired of not being esteemed.”

Aganzo did not preclude a strike but rather said it was a “last option” for the association. “I have information that there are certain clubs that are in favour and others against this, but I represent the players,” he said. “We need to sort this out with the union, and we will tell them all of our problems. If, from then on and after a few days, they don’t answer, then we will have to solve the situation. We are going to try to see that it doesn’t reach [a strike]. But we are willing to go right to the last option if it is necessary.”

La Liga is keen on competing with the Premier League in the North American television market which is very lucrative.The Premier League has more exposure than its Spanish counterpart in the US, in part because of a six-year TV deal with NBC worth about $1bn.